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Adult Entertainment Brisbane | 5 Common Fetishes You Could Have

The time where you could count yourself as firmly normal when it comes to sex has long passed. These days, there is no ‘normal’ when it comes to adult entertainment Brisbane; what’s ‘the usual’ for you may be experimenting for another. The same goes for fantasising – you’re not the only one who fantasises about, say, a threesome.

Adult Entertainment BrisbaneHowever, a fantasy is far different from a fetish – which is something that must be present in order for someone to reach the Big O. To put it another way, you can dream of having a threesome with two gorgeous women, but you don’t absolutely have to for you to cum. Wondering what fetishes are the most common, or want to know if you’re not the only one with a certain fetish? Here they are.

1. Voyeurism. This is one that involves being turned on by watching people have sex, or staring at naked bodies at the very least. If you can’t get turned on without watching porn before your little bedroom romp, you may just have this fetish.

2. Feet. People with this fetish usually require interaction with any part of the foot in order to experience sexual satisfaction, whether they just smell it, or they lick or suck on it. Thing is, any detail about the foot can get their engine revved up. If that describes you, and your partner likes having her toes sucked, then you’re a match made in heaven.

3. Power play. Dominance and submission (also called power play) are part of BDSM, an umbrella term for couples who like to engage in such during sex.

How do you know it’s a fetish, instead of a part of a healthy sex relationship? If you and your partner can go without it (no ropes, handcuffs, whips, etc.) then you’re fine. But if you need it in order to get off, then it’s a fetish of yours (and maybe hers, too).

4. Piercings. You may just like how it looks on someone. It’s a different story if you need to see your partner’s tongue piercing, or feel the cold metal rubbing against your flesh. If it’s not just for aesthetics but a must-have in the bedroom, then you have a fetish for piercings.

5. Cross dressing. This is actually surprisingly common, and it involves – you guessed it – needing to wear something restricted to the opposite sex. What ups the arousal in men knows that they’re wearing something they shouldn’t. And you know how much adrenaline spikes when you’re doing something forbidden.

Even if you don’t find your fetish on this short list, don’t despair; you just have different tastes compared to others. As long as you’re still able to indulge now and then in your own idea of adult entertainment Brisbane, you’re normal – as normal as people can get when it comes to sex.

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