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Adult Entertainment Brisbane – Make Sex More Enjoyable for Her and You

Have you ever wondered what women really want when they have sex? If so, you’re definitely not alone; many a bloke has thought this over, pondering if they’re satisfying their partners in bed. But don’t panic – the gorgeous babes at Adult Entertainment Brisbane can help clear a few things up.

Adult Entertainment Brisbane1. It’s not always about you. Sometimes you try and get it on, but it just doesn’t seem to work. One lovely escort says that it’s better to stop instead of forcing her to continue the charade. Now, when you’re not in sync, it’s not always your fault.

Sometimes, she’s just not in the mood for it; she also could be feeling out-of-sync with you, or else she doesn’t feel good about herself that day. The biggest factor, though, that interferes with her sex life – and yours? It’s stress. If she’s stressed out, sex isn’t going to feel as good for her, no matter what you do.

2. Don’t keep quiet. Communication is important at all stages of sex, even if you’re both reduced to pleasured moaning, groaning, and cries of “Oh my god!” Let her know you find her sexy, or comment on a specific part of her anatomy, or a sex act of hers that you love. You can, for example, say you love how her breasts bounce when she rides you.

Make sure to encourage her to speak up by also paying attention to what she tells you. If you’re going down on her, for instance, and she tells you to go lower, do it. That way, she knows you want to make the experience an awesome one for her, too. The more open you are about what feels good for you, the more you’ll enjoy being in bed together.

3. Don’t skimp on foreplay. Remember how stress can impede her pleasure? So can a lack of foreplay. You may have heard this time and again, but it’s true – ladies take longer to get aroused than guys do. So take your time with the teasing, stroking, heavy petting, and fingering. Help her relax and get her turned on.

One way to turn up the heat is to make one session all about making her cum just during foreplay.

No long-term partner? Browse the gallery at Adult Entertainment Brisbane to find the perfect partner for you, today!

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