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Adult Entertainment Brisbane – Make the Most of Your Package in Bed, Every Time

You may get tired of hearing this, but size isn’t an issue – unless you’re fixated on it, of course. But then, add the lovely escorts from Adult Entertainment Brisbane, if you worry too much about it, you won’t be able to truly enjoy the utter pleasure you get in the bedroom.

Adult Entertainment BrisbaneSo here are a few tips to help you work with what you have, and use it well whenever you find yourself cuddling up to a gorgeous babe with a passion that’s a match to your own.

1. Downsizing. When it’s flaccid, a guy’s cock can look smaller than it is – what truly counts is when it’s already erect. If you feel you lack a little something when it comes to dimensions, just make doggy-style your go-to sex position. That’s because it helps you feel bigger when you’re inside her.

What boosts your pleasure – and hers – is friction. Since her legs won’t be that far apart, she’ll feel tighter, and you’ll be able to stimulate her different sweet spots.

2. Not broken, just bent. It’s actually possible for your boner to curve a little to either side. For guys with that kind of penis, spooning is the best bet. One side will feel more comfortable than the other, thanks to which way that cock is pointing. So don’t be afraid to switch sides if you need to, so that you and your buxom babe are happy with the arrangement.

So what if you don’t curve to the side, but upward? You can still enjoy the spoons position by having her curl up a bit to help make it easier for you to penetrate.

3. Size it up. If you’re one of those guys who’s bigger than average – that is, longer than 6 inches, or thicker than 1 ½ inches – any position goes! But you need to make sure you spend a lot of time on foreplay, to help your girl let you slide in with little to no pain for her.

Since you don’t want to accidentally tear anything – which she’s not going to thank you for – that. So tease and stroke her, play with her assets, and keep lube handy. That way, she’ll be screaming in ecstasy, not pain.

Don’t have a long-term partner? Browse the pages at Adult Entertainment Brisbane to find the best courtesan for you!

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